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The Orders and Rules of Racing


32. Duty to remain on racecourse property during restricted period

32.1 This Rule applies to all Riders

32.1.1 at any race meeting at which they are present in their capacity as such, and
32.1.2 for the period that starts half an hour before the advertised time of the first race and ends when the last race has started.

32.2 The period specified in Paragraph 32.1.2 is referred to in this Manual as the Restricted Period.
32.3 No Rider may leave and return to Racecourse Property at any time during the Restricted Period without first obtaining the permission of the Clerk of the Scales or a Stipendiary Steward.
32.4 The Stewards may decide not to take Disciplinary Action against a Rider for failure to comply with Paragraph 32.3 if the Rider satisfies the Stewards that the failure was due to circumstances which they consider acceptable.