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The Orders and Rules of Racing


33. General restriction on mobile telephone use during restricted period

33.1 No Rider may during the Restricted Period

33.1.1 use a Mobile Telephone in the riders' changing rooms or elsewhere on Racecourse Property, or
33.1.2 cause one to be so used,

except to the extent permitted by the following provisions of this Rule.

33.2 Paragraph 33.1 prohibits the use of a Mobile Telephone for

33.2.1 sending any out-going text message, or
33.2.2 receiving any incoming call apart from when the Trainer of a horse the Rider is engaged to ride is not present on the course, and the Trainer's representative hands his Mobile Telephone to the Rider in the phone zone for the Trainer to speak directly to the Rider.

33.3 But Paragraph 33.1 does not prohibit use of a Mobile Telephone

33.3.1 in the circumstances specified by Rules 34 and 35, or
33.3.2 where the use is authorised by an official of the Authority under Paragraph 33.4 or
33.3.3 where a Rider is not riding at the meeting and has not entered the Riders' Changing rooms.

33.4 An official of the Authority may, on request, authorise a Person to leave his Mobile Telephone switched on if the official is satisfied that the Person has personal concerns (such as a family illness) which make it important for him to be contacted easily.
33.5 Except when being used in circumstances permitted by Paragraphs 33.2, 33.3 or 33.4, a Mobile Telephone shall be regarded as being in use if it is switched on.
33.6 In this Rule and Rules 34 and 35

Mobile Telephone

33.6.1 includes any other appliance, apparatus, instrument or equipment capable of receiving or transmitting information, but
33.6.2 does not include equipment whose only function is to receive public broadcast services;

Phone Zone means the area in the Weighing Room which is designated for the use of Mobile Telephones.