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The Orders and Rules of Racing


34. Permitted use of registered mobile telephones: jockeys

34.1 A Jockey may make an outgoing call from his Mobile Telephone during the Restricted Period but only if

34.1.1 the number of the Mobile Telephone has been registered, and
34.1.2 the call is made in the phone zone.

34.2 A Jockey who has registered a Mobile Telephone number under this Rule may check the Mobile Telephone for incoming messages (including incoming text messages) in the phone zone.
34.3 The Jockey must, on request, provide to the Authority fully itemised telephone billing accounts for the Restricted Period, which must include the last entry on those accounts before the commencement of the Restricted Period and the first entry on those accounts after the end of the Restricted Period.
34.4 The Authority may refuse to register the Mobile Telephone number unless the Authority is satisfied that the applicant is able to obtain from the service provider for the Mobile Telephone full details of all outgoing calls and text messages.
34.5 Where the number is registered

34.5.1 a Jockey who changes his number must register the new number and service provider by notifying an official of the Authority at the first meeting at which he is due to ride following the change, or the Authority's Integrity, Legal and Risk Department or the Professional Jockeys Association within 7 days,
whichever is the earlier, and

34.5.2 an official of the Authority may check the Mobile Telephone at any time to ensure the number being used matches the registered number.