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The Orders and Rules of Racing


35. Permitted use of unregistered mobile telephones

35.1 This Rule applies to any Person who is

35.1.1 a Person who holds an Amateur Rider's Permit granted by the Authority, and
35.1.2 an Overseas Rider.

35.2 A Person specified in Paragraph 35.1 may make an outgoing call from his Mobile Telephone during the Restricted Period but only if

35.2.1 he makes the call in the Phone Zone in the Weighing Room, and
35.2.2 he records it in the log book in the Phone Zone which is provided by the Authority.

35.3 Each log book entry for an outgoing call must state

35.3.1 the caller's name;
35.3.2 the time at which the call was made; and
35.3.3 the name or number of the Person to whom the call is made.

35.4 A Person specified in Paragraph 35.1 may check his Mobile Telephone for messages (including incoming text messages) in the Phone Zone.