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The Orders and Rules of Racing


36. Safety vests, skull caps and saddles

36.1 At any time when a Rider is mounted on a horse on Racecourse Property or in any other place where the horse is in the care or control of a Trainer acting in his capacity as such, the Rider

36.1.1 must wear a skull cap and a safety vest, and
36.1.2 must ensure that any skull cap or safety vest worn by him is in a serviceable condition (in particular, a skull cap that has been subjected to a severe impact, or has been worn by a Rider suffering concussion, shall not be regarded as being in a serviceable condition). (See Rule (C)25.1 if an Apprentice Jockey or Conditional Jockey)

36.2 A Rider must not bring a modified safety vest onto Racecourse Property.
36.3 A Rider's skull cap and a safety vest must be of such design and fitted in such a way as to meet the requirements specified in Part 1 of Schedule 2.
36.4 A Rider must ensure the fit condition of any saddle used by him. (See Rule (C)44.1 if an Apprentice Jockey or Conditional Jockey)
For this purpose, the saddle comprises the saddle itself, the girth, the surcingle, the stirrup irons, and the leathers or webs.