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The Orders and Rules of Racing


38. Other requirements as to equipment etc for racing

38.1 No Rider shall ride in a race wearing spurs
38.2 No Rider may ride in a race whilst he is wearing spectacles.
38.3 A Rider who wears contact lenses must use soft contact lenses.
38.4 Where there is a failure of his equipment between leaving the Parade Ring and the start of the race, a Rider must

38.4.1 undertake any repairs that may be possible with the assistance of such spare tack as may be available at the start, and
38.4.2 inspect the spare tack and judge for himself the safety of any repair,

and, if he is in doubt as to the safety of any repair, he must not start.

38.5 A Rider must ensure that the girths are correctly adjusted.
38.6 An Apprentice Jockey or Conditional Jockey (or an equivalent Overseas Rider) must have his girths checked at the start.
38.7 A Rider must ensure that all blindfolds have been removed from the horse before the start of the race.
38.8 Where a horse runs with ear plugs of any type, the plugs must not be removed during the race.
38.9 A Rider must not wear any device or equipment in a race unless such device or equipment has been approved by the Authority.