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The Orders and Rules of Racing


39. Approval of advertising on clothing or equipment

39.1 No Rider may carry any form of advertising material on any part of his clothing or equipment on the racecourse except to the extent approved by the Authority.
39.2 The Authority may, on an application made to it and in accordance with the Code of Conduct, approve a Rider's sponsorship agreement in such circumstances as it considers appropriate.
39.3 A Rider may apply for the Authority's approval by sending a copy of the sponsorship agreement to The Racing Calendar Office, together with the appropriate application fee specified in Schedule (A)1.
39.4 A sponsorship agreement may be approved subject to such restrictions or conditions as the Authority considers appropriate and, if the agreement is approved, it will be entered on the register of sponsorship agreements maintained by the Authority.
39.5 Registration under Paragraph 39.4 shall become effective 7 days following publication of the entry on the Racing Administration Internet Site.