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The Orders and Rules of Racing


42. Weighing out

42.1 This Rule applies to a Rider when weighing out.
42.2 The Rider must present to the Clerk of the Scales

42.2.1 his safety vest,
42.2.2 his silk cap, and
42.2.3 any blinkers, hood, visor, eyeshield, eyecover or number cloth which he is to carry in the race but which are excluded from the scale (by virtue of Paragraphs 42.4.6 to 42.4.10 and 42.4.17).

42.3 Where a Rider

42.3.1 intends to carry over-weight, he must declare the amount, and
42.3.2 is in doubt as to his proper weight, he may declare the weight he intends to carry.

42.4 The Rider must put into the scale and include in his weight everything that the horse is to carry in the race, apart from

42.4.1 skull cap,
42.4.2 whip,
42.4.3 bridle,
42.4.4 rings,
42.4.5 plates,
42.4.6 blinkers,
42.4.7 hood,
42.4.8 visor,
42.4.9 eyeshield,
42.4.10 eyecover,
42.4.11 anything worn on the horse's legs,
42.4.12 breast plate,
42.4.13 breast girth,
42.4.14 martingale,
42.4.15 muzzle,
42.4.16 neck strap,
42.4.17 number cloth,
42.4.18 sheepskin cheek pieces, and
42.4.19 tongue strap.
42.4.20 ear plugs, and
42.4.21 silk cap.

42.5 Subject to Rule (F)143, no Rider may weigh out if he will be carrying 4lbs or more overweight.

42.6 No Rider shall weigh out or attempt to weigh out for a race when not wearing an approved safety vest.