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The Orders and Rules of Racing


43. Duties following weighing out

43.1 After weighing out for a race, a Rider

43.1.1 may not change equipment or clothing unless he presents himself to the Clerk of the Scales to be re-weighed, and
43.1.2 must ensure that his saddle is not left unattended, is not taken back into the riders' changing room, and is handed over as soon as possible to the Trainer (or his representative) of the horse he is to ride.

43.2 A Rider will be reported to the Stewards if he fails to comply with any of the requirements specified in Paragraph 43.1.
43.3 Where a Rider has been weighed out for a particular horse, he must ride that horse in the race.
43.4 The Stewards may decide not to take Disciplinary Action against a Rider for failure to comply with Paragraph 43.3 if the Rider satisfies the Stewards that the failure was due to

43.4.1 accident,
43.4.2 illness,
43.4.3 withdrawal of the horse by the Starter in any case other than where the Rider refuses to ride, or
43.4.4 any other circumstances which the Stewards consider to be acceptable.