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The Orders and Rules of Racing


44. General conduct at the start

44.1 On arrival at the start, a Rider must immediately place himself under the control of the Starter and must obey any order given by the Starter or the Assistant Starter.
44.2 Unless the Starter orders otherwise, a Rider in a flat race must go into and start from the place allotted to him by the draw.
44.3 Where the race starts from starting stalls, the Rider may not request at the start a late load for a horse.
44.4 The Rider must not engage in any misconduct at the start.
44.5 Examples of misconduct by a Rider include

44.5.1 attempting to line up or taking a position for the start before signalled by the Starter to do so;
44.5.2 causing or allowing a horse in a race started from a starting gate to go beyond the marker poles prior to the start being effected;
44.5.3 failing to comply with the procedures set out in Schedule (B)5 Part 3.

44.6 A failure to comply with Paragraph 44.4 may result in the Rider being reported to the Stewards by the Starter.
44.7 No report will be made in respect of conduct falling within Paragraph 44.5.2 in any case where the Starter considers that the circumstances of the conduct were outside the reasonable control of the Rider.