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The Orders and Rules of Racing


46. Pulling up and dismounting after the race

46.1 Subject to Paragraph 46.4, the Rider must not dismount before reaching the place specified in Paragraph 46.2 or 46.3.
46.2 The Rider of a horse placed first, second or third in a race must ride the horse to the place appointed for unsaddling.
46.3 The Rider of any other horse may dismount within a reasonable distance of the place appointed for unsaddling.
46.4 Where the Judge has not announced his decision before the Riders return to weigh in, the Riders may dismount either inside the place appointed for unsaddling the winner or within a reasonable distance of it.
46.5 The Rider

46.5.1 must remove his own saddle unless Paragraph 46.6 applies, and
46.5.2 must not accept anything from any Person, or discard anything that the horse has carried in the race, which may affect the weight upon weighing-in.

46.6 The Trainer (or his representative) may remove the saddle if the Rider is prevented from doing so by illness, accident or other extraordinary circumstances but, where the Rider is able to present himself to be weighed-in, the saddle must be handed to the Rider intact before weighing-in takes place.
46.7 A Rider who has failed to complete the course must report the reason to the Clerk of the Scales.
46.8 The Stewards may decide not to take Disciplinary Action against a Rider for failure to comply with this Rule if the Rider satisfies the Stewards that the failure was justified by the circumstances.