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The Orders and Rules of Racing


47. Weighing-in

47.1 Each Rider who has ridden in the race must, without delay after the race

47.1.1 present himself with his saddle to the Clerk of the Scales for weighing-in, and
47.1.2 make any report required by Rule 48 or 49.

47.2 Where a Rider is prevented from riding back to weigh in by reason of an accident or illness by which he or his horse is disabled, he may walk or be carried to the scales.
47.3 Where a Rider is required to weigh in he must, subject to Paragraph 47.4, put into the scale and include in his weight everything that the horse has carried in the race.
47.4 For the purposes of Paragraph 47.3, the Rider must exclude all items listed in Rules 42.4.1 to 42.4.21 that were excluded from the scale for weighing out.

47.5 A Rider in a race must remain within the vicinity of the Weighing Room until five minutes have elapsed after the announcement of 'Weighed In' has been given for the race.
47.6 The Race Manual (B) makes provision for

47.6.1 a Rider's horse to be disqualified if the Rider does not weigh in (see Rule (B)14.2.3 (races already run: disqualification of horses)), and
47.6.2 the handling of any discrepancies there may be with the weight at which a Rider weighed out (see Rule (B)67 (procedure for weighing-in)).