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The Orders and Rules of Racing


48. Making a report of gurgling by horse during a race

48.1 This Rule applies in respect of any race during which his horse was gurgling (such as by choking, choking up or swallowing its tongue).
48.2 The Rider must report the gurgling

48.2.1 to a Veterinary Officer prior to weighing in, or
48.2.2 if he is not available, to the Stipendiary Steward or the Clerk of the Scales on weighing in.

48.3 On dismounting, the Rider must inform the Trainer (or his representative) of the gurgling so that the Trainer may consider whether he is required to make a report under Rule (C)34 (post-race reports of matters materially affecting a horse's performance).
48.4 In this Rule Veterinary Officer means a registered veterinary surgeon engaged by the Authority.