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The Orders and Rules of Racing


49. Post-race reports to Stewards

49.1 This Rule applies where anything (other than a matter falling within Rule 48) occurred during a race which a Rider considers may have materially affected the performance of the horse.
49.2 The following are examples of matters that must be reported under this Rule

49.2.1 interference leaving the stalls;
49.2.2 interference suffered in running;
49.2.3 horse hanging;
49.2.4 saddle slipped;
49.2.5 equipment failure;
49.2.6 bit slipped through mouth;
49.2.7 lost action;
49.2.8 not face blinkers/visor;
49.2.9 not face kickback (AWT);
49.2.10 never travelling;
49.2.11 in relation to flat races only, horse had no more to give;
49.2.12 in relation to flat races only, horse tailed off (giving the reason, if possible).

49.3 On dismounting, the Rider must inform the Trainer (or his representative) of his intention to report the matter to the Stewards and

49.3.1 if the Trainer indicates that he intends to report the matter himself, the Rider must inform the Stewards accordingly, or
49.3.2 otherwise, he must proceed with the report in accordance with Paragraphs 49.4 and 49.5.

49.4 If a report is to be made by a Person who

49.4.1 is an Apprentice Jockey, a Conditional Jockey (or an equivalent Overseas Rider) or an Amateur Rider, and
49.4.2 has ridden fewer than 10 winners,

that Person must also obtain the agreement of the Trainer (or his representative) before making the report.

49.5 Any report by the Rider of the matter he considers affected the horse's performance must be made, in the first instance, to the Stipendiary Steward in the Weighing Room and, if he is not available, the Rider must

49.5.1 inform the Clerk of the Scales (or in his absence the Starter or Judge) that he wishes to make a report, and
49.5.2 if none of these is available, report to the Stewards' Room.

49.6 A Rider in a flat race must also make a report where he did not ride in such a way as to achieve the best possible placing (as required by Rule 45).
49.7 Each report will be considered by the Stewards, posted on racecourse notice boards and handed to the press and, where the report relates to a horse which was prominent in the betting market, it may be announced over the public address system.