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The Orders and Rules of Racing


55. Accepting rewards: professional riders

55.1 This Rule applies to Professional Riders only.
55.2 A Professional Rider must not accept or agree to accept any Consideration whatsoever in connection with a race (wherever run) from a Person other than

55.2.1 the owner of any horse ridden by him in the race,
55.2.2 a representative of the owner, or
55.2.3 the Breeder of the horse.

55.3 Paragraph 55.2 does not apply

55.3.1 to any trophy advertised in the conditions of the race, or
55.3.2 to any sponsorship agreement approved by, and registered with, the Authority.

55.4 In this Rule
consideration includes any fee, expenses, reward, gift, favour or benefit in kind;
breeder means a Person or entity recorded as such by the Stud Book authority of the country of foaling.