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The Orders and Rules of Racing


57. Requirements in other Manuals applying to all riders

57.1 A Rider must, in particular, make himself familiar with and comply with all other requirements of these Rules that apply to him directly.
57.2 For example

57.2.1 Part (A)4 imposes duties and prohibitions that apply to all Persons subject to these Rules;
57.2.2 in the Race Manual (B) Part (B)2 makes provision as to weighing out procedures, late changes of Rider and procedures after weighing out, Part (B)3 contains provisions about the start of a race, Part (B)4 contains provisions about the race, Part (B)6 deals with weighing-in procedure, and Part (B)8 imposes a general duty to comply with instructions given by Stewards at a race meeting;

57.2.3 in the Race Administration Manual (F) Rule (F)94 imposes restrictions as to the number of meetings that a Rider is permitted to ride in at any seven day period, and Part (F)8 specifies circumstances in which a Rider is entitled to claim weight allowances.

57.3 This Rule is without prejudice to the general provisions as to compliance with, and deemed knowledge of, these Rules, as specified in Rule (A)2 (persons subject to these Rules).