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The Orders and Rules of Racing


1. The British Horseracing Authority

1.1 All functions relating to the governance and regulation of horseracing shall be exercisable by the British Horseracing Authority (referred to in these Rules as the Authority).
1.2 This includes all matters now or in the future contained or to be contained in these Rules.
1.3 References in these Rules to Horserace are to any race in which a horse runs with any other horse either

1.3.1 in competition for any prize of any kind or nature whatsoever, or
1.3.2 for the purposes of deciding the result of any bet or wager,
and at which more than twenty Persons (not including participants in the race) are present.

1.4 For the purposes of Paragraph 1.3, events at horse shows or gymkhanas which are restricted to children under 18 years of age or which involve a substantial element of chance or skill unconnected with horse-riding shall not be regarded as horseraces.