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The Orders and Rules of Racing


2. Persons subject to the Rules

2.1 These Rules apply to

2.1.1 all Persons who have agreed to be bound by these Rules,
2.1.2 the owner and any Person who is any way legally interested in, directly or indirectly, or who plays an active part in managing a horse which is entered to run under these Rules wherever trained,
so, for the avoidance of any doubt, each and every lessor or lessee of a horse that is the subject of a lease agreement is to be treated as a Person that is legally interested in that horse for the purpose of these Rules throughout the duration of the relevant lease agreement.
2.1.3 the riders and trainers of such horses,
2.1.4 the employees and officers (or, if from overseas, the local equivalent) of Persons referred to in Paragraphs 2.1.2 and 2.1.3,
2.1.5 any Overseas Rider who rides in a race run under these Rules,
2.1.6 any Person referred to in Rule 30.2, and
2.1.7 any Person within Paragraph 2.2.

2.2 A Person who, but for this Paragraph, would have ceased to be subject to these Rules shall remain subject to them

2.2.1 to the extent necessary to enable the Authority to investigate and take Disciplinary Action, and for the hearing of appeals under Part 7, as regards any event or events which took place whilst that Person was still subject to these Rules, and is or are relevant to a contravention, or alleged contravention of these Rules, whether committed by that Person or by someone else,

2.2.2 to the extent necessary to enable the Authority to investigate and take Disciplinary Action as regards any activity carried out by that Person which purports to be have been done under a licence or permit granted to that Person by the Authority but after the licence or permit has ceased to be valid, or
2.2.3 for so long as any Arrears are due from that Person under these Rules.

2.3 Persons who are or have been subject to these Rules are deemed to have knowledge of them, including any amendments.
2.4 Every Person who is subject to these Rules

2.4.1 must comply with them at all times,
2.4.2 must comply with any directions, instructions or General Instructions given by the Authority as to the operation of these Rules, and
2.4.3 must comply with the instructions of the Stewards

2.5 Paragraph 2.4.1 does not apply to the extent that the Authority does not require compliance with any particular Rule.
2.6 A Person is liable to Disciplinary Action if

2.6.1 he contravenes a requirement imposed on him by or under a provision in this Manual or by any other provisions of these Rules,
2.6.2 any provision of these Rules states that he is taken to have contravened any such requirement, or
2.6.3 any provision of these Rules states that he is liable to Disciplinary Action.

2.7 Disciplinary Action may also be taken against a Person in any of the circumstances specified in Rules 63 to 70 of Part 6.
2.8 Where any Person behaves in such manner as the Authority considers to be contrary to the interests of racing that Person is liable under Rule 64 to exclusion from any premises licensed by the Authority.

2.9 A Person who agrees to be bound by these Rules has no right under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 to enforce any provision of these Rules against any other Person from time to time bound by these Rules.