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The Orders and Rules of Racing


4. Scheme

4.1 This Manual has effect for the purposes of establishing the framework for the governance and regulation of horse racing.
4.2 It includes provision

4.2.1 about the functions of the Authority and the discharge of those functions,
4.2.2 requiring certain participants in racing to hold a licence or permit granted by the Authority,
4.2.3 requiring racecourses to be licensed by the Authority,
4.2.4 requiring the registration of horse names, horse owners and stable employees,
4.2.5 prohibiting certain conduct by Persons subject to these Rules,
4.2.6 for the Authority to obtain information, hold enquiries and take Disciplinary Action for the purpose of discharging its functions, and
4.2.7 for appeals to be made to the Authority or to an Appeal Board.