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The Orders and Rules of Racing


6. General Rule-making functions

6.1 The Authority's Rule-making functions include

6.1.1 making Rules, and
6.1.2 giving guidance in relation to Rules.

6.2 In particular, the Authority may from time to time

6.2.1 add new provision to these Rules,
6.2.2 modify or delete an existing provision,
6.2.3 suspend any existing provision for such period or periods as the Authority may determine,
6.2.4 issue guidance to ensure compliance with any Rule,
6.2.5 issue guidance to prevent an anticipated contravention of any Rule,
6.2.6 give recommendations as to Disciplinary Action (including the imposition of disciplinary penalties) for contravention of these Rules generally, or of particular Rules, and
6.2.7 modify or delete any existing guidance or recommendations.

6.3 Any Rules made by the Authority for the purpose of discharging its functions may

6.3.1 contain such incidental, supplemental, consequential or transitional provision as the Authority considers appropriate, and
6.3.2 make different provision for different cases.