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The Orders and Rules of Racing


12. Supplementary powers

12.1 The Authority may exercise all powers conferred on them by these Rules.
12.2 The Authority may give such directions, instructions or General Instructions as it considers appropriate as to the operation of these Rules, and any provision made under this Paragraph may make different provision for different cases.
12.3 The Authority may waive the application of a Rule, directions, instructions or General Instructions in such circumstances as it may consider appropriate.
12.4 In any case of expediency or of emergency, the Authority may

12.4.1 modify these Rules or any part of them,
12.4.2 suspend any Rule or part of a Rule for such period or periods as the Authority considers appropriate,
12.4.3 order the abandonment of any race or race meeting, and
12.4.4 refuse to allow a horse duly entered to run in any race.

12.5 The Authority may take such other action as it considers necessary for the purpose of

12.5.1 discharging its functions, and
12.5.2 carrying out or giving effect to these Rules (including preventing an anticipated contravention).