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The Orders and Rules of Racing

PART 7 - APPEALS - (A)76 to (A)86

76. Appeals to the Authority from Stewards' decisions

76.1 Any Person listed in Paragraph 76.2 who is aggrieved by a Stewards' decision is entitled to appeal to the Authority.
76.2 The Persons who may appeal under this Rule are

76.2.1 any owner, Trainer or Rider of a horse in a race which is the subject of a Stewards enquiry under Rule (B)11.6, a suspension following a contravention of a Rule contained in Part (B)4, or an objection under Rule (B)73.2, or

76.2.2 any other Person on whom any form of Disciplinary Penalty has been imposed by the Stewards under Part (B)1.