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The Orders and Rules of Racing

PART 7 - APPEALS - (A)76 to (A)86

79. Submission of written evidence

79.1 This Rule applies where an appeal is to be decided by submission of written evidence.
79.2 The appellant must before the end of the period of 7 days starting with the day on which the notice of appeal is lodged submit to the Authority's Office such written evidence and representations as he wishes to be considered by the Authority.
79.3 The Authority may request the Stewards whose decision is subject to appeal also to submit written evidence.
79.4 Where the Authority requires further information for the purposes of considering the appeal, the Authority may direct that a written summary of evidence must be compiled by such Person as it may specify.
79.5 The written summary of evidence must be signed by the appellant.
79.6 If the appellant fails to sign the written summary of evidence the Authority will treat the appeal as one where the appellant has required a personal hearing.