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The Orders and Rules of Racing

PART 7 - APPEALS - (A)76 to (A)86

80. Consideration by the Authority

80.1 The Authority must consider and determine any appeal made to it from a Stewards' decision.
80.2 The Authority may confirm or reverse or otherwise vary the decision of the Stewards and, in connection with any of the matters raised on appeal, may exercise any of the Authority's powers under Part 6.
80.3 On an appeal, the Authority has the same powers as to costs as it has under Rule 46 in relation to enquiries.
80.4 Where

80.4.1 the appeal is from the imposition of a financial penalty of £500 or less, and
80.4.2 the appellant has not requested a personal hearing,
the appeal will be considered in the absence of the appellant and the Authority must communicate its decision to the appellant in writing prior to publication.