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The Orders and Rules of Racing

PART 9 - MISCELLANEOUS - (A)97 to (A)104

97. Equine swimming pools: requirement for certificate of approval

97.1 No Person may operate an equine swimming pool unless he holds a certificate of approval granted by the Authority.
97.2 An initial application for a certificate of approval, and an application for its renewal, must be made using such form as may be prescribed by the Authority.
97.3 A certificate of approval expires at the end of the period of 12 months starting with the date on which it is granted or renewed.
97.4 An application under Paragraph 97.2 must be sent to the Authority's Office together with

97.4.1 the name of the pool's proprietors,
97.4.2 if any proprietor is a body corporate, the names of its directors,
97.4.3 a list of all Persons employed by the proprietors at the pool, and
97.4.4 such fee as the Authority may from time to time determine,

and any changes to the Person listed in Paragraphs 97.4.1 to 97.4.3 must be notified to the Authority before the end of the period of 14 days starting with the day on which the change takes place.

97.5 The fees payable shall be such as the Authority may from time to time determine.
97.6 The Authority may, if it considers it appropriate to do so

97.6.1 either on an initial application or subsequently, inspect the applicant's establishment at such time and with such frequency as it considers appropriate, and 97.6.2 grant or renew a certificate of approval subject to such conditions or restrictions as it consider appropriate.

97.7 A certificate of approval shall immediately cease to be valid if

97.7.1 the certificate expires and is not renewed,
97.7.2 any of the listed Persons in Paragraphs 97.4.1 to 97.4.3 becomes a Disqualified Person,
97.7.3 it appears to the Authority that a listed Person was already a Disqualified Person at the time the application for the grant or renewal of the certificate was made,
97.7.4 there has been any failure to notify the Authority under Paragraph 97.4 of any changes to a listed Person, or
97.7.5 the Authority gives a direction under Paragraph 97.8.

97.8 The Authority may direct that a certificate of approval shall cease to be valid where

97.8.1 any action, proceedings or arrangement under any insolvency or bankruptcy law is taken against the proprietor or any of its directors, or
97.8.2 in such other circumstances as the Authority considers appropriate.