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The Orders and Rules of Racing

PART 9 - MISCELLANEOUS - (A)97 to (A)104

100. VAT registration scheme

100.1 The VAT registration scheme means the scheme in respect of value added tax which is set out in the Memorandum of Understanding dated 16th March 1993 and which was agreed between the thoroughbred horseracing and breeding industry and HM Revenue and Customs.
100.2 A Sole Owner, Partner, Partnership, Recognised Business Partnership or Syndicate who wishes to

100.2.1 register his racing activity as a business for VAT purposes under the VAT registration scheme, or
100.2.2 extend an existing VAT registration to provide for his racing activity,
must submit an application on the Prescribed form signed by the Owner to The Racing Calendar Office.

100.3 The Authority shall have complete discretion whether to approve any application. An application will be deemed invalid unless

100.3.1 the ownership is registered in accordance with these Rules,
100.3.2 the Owner has secured income via an owner's sponsorship agreement registered under Rule (E)91, and
100.3.3 the horse has been reported as being in the trainer's yard as required by Rule (C)16.1.

100.4 The Owner must notify The Racing Calendar Office of his VAT Registration Number and the effective date of his VAT Registration by forwarding to The Racing Calendar Office a copy of the relevant documentation received from HM Revenue and Customs.
100.5 After receipt of notification under Paragraph 100.4 and the payment of the fee required by Rule 99.1, The Racing Calendar Office will cause VAT to be added, as appropriate, to any subsequent account which it receives under the provisions of Rule (F)129 (crediting of money due).
100.6 A fee required by Rule 99.2 shall be payable for VAT administration.
100.7 Once an Owner ceases to be registered for VAT purposes under the VAT registration scheme, he must immediately notify The Racing Calendar Office by forwarding a copy of all relevant documents received from HM Revenue and Customs.
100.8 Paragraph 100.5 shall immediately cease to apply, and an Owner's VAT record shall be cancelled, where The Racing Calendar Office is notified by one of the following methods that an owner has ceased to be registered for VAT purposes under the VAT registration scheme

100.8.1 notice by the Owner or, if the Owner is deceased, of any executor or personal representative of his,
100.8.2 in the case of a Recognised Company, notice by an officer of the Company or of any liquidator of the Company,
100.8.3 in the case of a Partnership, notice by any Partner, and
100.8.4 on receipt of HM Revenue and Customs Form 35.