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The Orders and Rules of Racing

PART 9 - MISCELLANEOUS - (A)97 to (A)104

101. Powers to publish information

101.1 The Authority may at any time publish notice of

101.1.1 any charges for the contravention of these Rules which are laid against any Person (including any facts alleged in support),
101.1.2 any topics for a disciplinary enquiry,
101.1.3 any topics for an appeal hearing,
101.1.4 any directions given, and findings made, in respect of a Rule contravention, enquiry or hearing,
101.1.5 any penalties, award, order or other sanctions applied,
101.1.6 any other decision made by the Authority as to any matter or any Person, and
101.1.7 any decision or report of Stewards of Meetings (but this without prejudice to the power of the Stewards under Rule (B)11 (enquiries) to publish information).

101.2 Except where these Rules provide otherwise, publication may be made in such manner as the Authority thinks appropriate, whether in the public press and media or the Racing Administration Internet Site or otherwise.