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The Orders and Rules of Racing

General Manual (A)


102. Delegation of functions

102.1 Except where these Rules provide otherwise, the Authority may make arrangements for any one or more of its functions to be exercised on its behalf by

102.1.1 a committee or sub-committee of the board of the Authority, or
102.1.2 any Person nominated by the Authority, including a member of its staff.

102.2 The Authority may make such arrangements where it is satisfied that it is in the interest of the efficient administration of horseracing and the operation of these Rules to do so.
102.3 If the Authority considers it appropriate to do so, it may ratify the exercise (or purported exercise) on its behalf of any one or more of its functions by any Person notwithstanding that the Person may not have been duly authorised by the Authority at the relevant time.
102.4 This Rule does not restrict the Authority's general powers under these Rules.