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The Orders and Rules of Racing

PART 9 - MISCELLANEOUS - (A)97 to (A)104

103. Delegation: right of reconsideration

103.1 Where any Person is adversely affected by an act or decision made by an employee of the Authority on behalf of or in the name of the Authority, that Person has the right to have the matter in question referred to the Authority if

103.1.1 he makes an application in writing for reconsideration,
103.1.2 the application is received at the Authority's Office before the end of the period of 72 hours starting with the day on which the Person is given notice of the act or decision in question, and
103.1.3 the circumstances reasonably permit a reconsideration to take place.

103.2 On an application under Paragraph 103.1, the act or decision shall stand unless and until the Authority decides otherwise.