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The Orders and Rules of Racing

PART 10 - SUPPLEMENTARY - (A)105 to (A)113

106. The giving of notices, directions and other documents in electronic form

106.1 This Rule applies where

106.1.1 any provision of these Rules authorises the giving or sending of a notice, direction or other document by its delivery to a particular person (the recipient), and
106.1.2 the notice, direction or other document is transmitted to the recipient by means of an electronic communications network, or by other means but in a form that nevertheless requires the use of apparatus by the recipient to render it intelligible.

106.2 The transmission has effect for the purposes of these Rules as a delivery of the notice, direction or other document to the recipient, but only if the requirements imposed by or under this Rule are complied with.
106.3 Where the Person making the transmission is the Authority, it may (subject to Paragraph 106.6) determine

106.3.1 the manner in which the transmission is made, and
106.3.2 the form in which the notice, direction or other document is transmitted.

106.4 Where the recipient is the Authority

106.4.1 in the case of an application for the grant of any licence or permit in accordance with these Rules, the Authority must, within 7 days of the electronic transmission, receive at the Authority's Office (or at The Racing Calendar Office, as appropriate) the original of all documents required to make the application, and
106.4.2 in any other case, the Authority must receive the original of such documents as it may specify within such period as it may specify.

106.5 If any requirement of Paragraph 106.4 is not complied with, the Authority may withdraw any licence or permit and cancel any registration or other step taken by it in reliance on the information contained in the electronic transmission.
106.6 Where the recipient is a Person other than the Authority, the recipient must have indicated to the Person making the transmission the recipient's willingness to receive notices, directions or other documents transmitted in the form and manner used.
106.7 An indication to a Person for the purposes of Paragraph 106.6

106.7.1 must be given to the Person in such manner as he may require,
106.7.2 may be a general indication or one that is limited to notices or documents of a particular description,
106.7.3 must state the address to be used,
106.7.4 must be accompanied by such other information as the person requires for the making of the transmission, and
106.7.5 may be modified or withdrawn at any time by a notice given to the person in such manner as he may require.

106.8 In this Rule electronic communications network has the same meaning as in the Communications Act 2003 (c. 21).