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The Orders and Rules of Racing

PART 10 - SUPPLEMENTARY - (A)105 to (A)113

109. Publication of Rules, regulations or guidance

109.1 This Rule applies where the Authority proposes to

109.1.1 add new Rules or regulations,
109.1.2 modify, delete or suspend any existing Rules or regulations, or
109.1.3 give any new guidance.

109.2 Before the date on which the proposed change takes effect, the Authority must publish notice of it in The Racing Calendar.
109.3 Paragraph 109.2 does not require publication of prior notice where

109.3.1 the change in question is made in a case of emergency or expediency,
109.3.2 it is a modification, deletion or suspension of an existing Rule or regulation, and
109.3.3 the Authority subsequently reports the fact that it was made without prior notice.

109.4 The report required by Paragraph 109.3.3 must be published in the next issue of The Racing Calendar.