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The Orders and Rules of Racing


Schedule 1 - Fees

With effect from January 1, 2019, the fees payable under these Rules shall be as follows (plus VAT where applicable).

Fee payable underDescriptionAmount 
General Manual (A)  
Rule 99Fee for VAT administration£40.42
Rule 100Authorisation of VAT declaration 
 Sole Owner or Company£28.67
 Partner or Syndicate£57.42
Race Manual (B)  
Fee payable underDescriptionAmount of fee
Schedule 3, Para 26Registration of a Hunters' Certificate£77.25
Trainer Manual (C)  
 Rule 16Non on-line return of horse in training  £5.38
Rule 39Replacement of Trainer's Identity Card£38.25
Rule 40.8.1 and 40.8.2Initial issue and renewal of Racehorse Attendants Identity Card and/or Validity Pass£14.75
40.8.3Replacement of a lost Racehorse Attendants Identity Card and/or Validity Pass£38.25
Schedule 8, Para 5Assessment of poor jumper£387.02
 Addition of undeclared headgear £84.67
Rider Manual (D)  
Rule 4Flat race jockey licence£197.17
Rule 4Steeple chase and hurdle race jockey licence£197.17
Rule 4Apprentice jockey licence£95.50
Rule 4Conditional jockey licence £95.50
Rule 17Category A amateur rider permit£101.75
Rule 17Category B amateur rider permit£101.75
Rule 23Replacement of medical record book£49.25
Rule 39Registration of jockey's sponsorship agreement£38.25
Rule 69Master valet licence£49.25
Rule 69Valet's assistant permit£49.25
Rule 69Rider's agent licence£192.75
Rule 77Registration of authority to act as rider's agent for particular rider£54.83
 Combined flat/jump licence£251.17 
Horse and Owner Manual (E)  
Rule 3Registering a horse name - standard £88.50
 Registering a horse name - fast track (day prior to entry) £133.50
 Registering a horse name - fast track (day of entry) £313.42
Rule 7 Single identity check£43.67
  Foreign bred naming fee (including identity check)£132.17 
Rules 10 and 12Change of a name£88.50
 Reserving a name 
 -Year's reservation and yearly re-reservation£119.58
 - Temporary reservation£39.75
 Rule 13Initial issue of passport£49.42
 Rule 14Revision and re-issue of passport£49.42
 Replacement of lost passport£105.75
Rule 21Racing clearance notification (RCN)£41.08
 Rule 22Passport endorsement 
 At The Racing Calendar OfficeNil
 At the Authority's officeNil
 At the racecourseNil
 Owner registration: individuals, companies partnerships, clubs  
Rules 29 and 30ASole owner£84.83
Rules 29 and 39Recognised Company £801.50
Rule 41Registration of agent for an additional Recognised Company (also for annual renewal)£57.42
 Owner registration: arrangements for multiple ownership 
Rules 60 and 73CSyndicate£320.67
Rule 73CChange of Syndicate name£33.92
Rules 60 and 68Initial registration of Partnership£206.00
Rule 69Change of Partnership name£33.92
Rule 71Add Partner £95.25
 Rules 60 and 73F Racing Clubs £320.67
 Rule 73H Change of Racing Club name £33.92
Rule 74Single race lease£150.33
Rule 76Initial registration of other kinds of lease£46.17
Rule 77Re-registration of such leases£23.33
Rule 85Registration and re-registration of racing colours (where the registrant has had a horse in training in the last 18 months) 
 Single year£56.58
 5 year£275.83
 10 year£537.50
 20 year£1018.50
  Registration and re-registration of racing colours (where the registrant has not had a horse in training in the last 18 months) 
  Single year£70.25
  5 year£342.00
  10 year£666.58 
  20 year£1,263.00 
 Transferring or selling colours to non-family member £140.42
Rule 90Registration of authority to act as agent for owner£54.83
Rule 91Owner's sponsorship agreement£29.58
Race Administration Manual (F)  
Rule 67Replacement of a lost security code£38.25
 Rule 73Entry for a race which closes to Horse Racing Ireland but made directly to the Racing Calendar Office £82.00
Rule 81Registration of transfer of engagements£27.83
Rule 106Entry processing fee 
 - General (internet only)£21.54
 - General (call centre)£32.25
 - Foreign races£80.92