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The Orders and Rules of Racing


Schedule 5 - Information regarded as in the public domain

1. This Schedule specifies certain circumstances in which information is to be regarded, for the purposes of Rule 36.1.2 (communication of Inside Information), as being in the public domain.
1.1 It is not, and does not purport to be, an exhaustive statement of such circumstances.
2. Information is regarded as being in the public domain where the information is accessible to the public on a Trainer's or owner's telephone information line or website (whether or not for payment).
3. Information is regarded as being in the public domain if both of the following conditions are satisfied.
3.1 The first condition is that a Trainer or a Rider gives the information or expresses his opinion on a horse in a race in the course of

3.1.1 an interview or presentation conducted in the course of television or radio broadcasting;
3.1.2 an interview given, or article written, for the purposes of general publication (for example a written article, regular column, or website);
3.1.3 a talk or other presentation given to a specific group or groups (such as corporate sponsorship groups) or in the context of corporate hospitality or stable yard public days.

3.2 The second condition is that any fee paid to the Trainer or Rider for the information or opinion is no greater than that which reasonably reflects the occasion and his status.