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The Orders and Rules of Racing

PART 1 - THE STEWARDS - (B)1 to (B)18

1. Approval by the Authority of Stewards and Chairmen

1.1 No Person may act as a Steward, or as Chairman of Stewards, at a meeting unless he has been approved under this Rule.
1.2 The Authority will approve and appoint Persons to act as Stewards and Chairmen of Stewards and shall adopt such procedures as it considers appropriate regarding the necessary qualification to be appointed.
1.3 The Authority will produce annually a list of Persons so qualified (the List of Stewards).
1.4 The List of Stewards will show those qualified to act as a Chairman of Stewards.
1.5 The Authority may at any time withdraw its approval of a Steward or a Chairman of Stewards.
1.6 Where approval is withdrawn from a Person as a Chairman or a Steward, he may no longer act in that capacity.
1.7 Paragraph 1 does not apply in an emergency if approval cannot be obtained in time.