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The Orders and Rules of Racing

PART 1 - THE STEWARDS - (B)1 to (B)18

9. Abandonment of a day's racing or of a race

9.1 This Rule applies in relation to a day's racing or any race if

9.1.1 there are exceptional circumstances,
9.1.2 there is adverse weather, or
9.1.3 the ground conditions are such that the course is not safe.

9.2 The Stewards may

9.2.1 cancel a Parade,
9.2.2 at an All Weather Track fixture, cancel the requirement that horses should be brought into the Parade Ring before the race and order the horses to be mounted in the place appointed for saddling,
9.2.3 abandon a day's racing, or
9.2.4 abandon any race.

9.3 If the Stewards abandon a day's racing or abandon any race on the grounds specified in Paragraph 9.1, a certificate must be drawn up stating the time when the decision to abandon was arrived at and their summarised reasons for doing so.
9.4 The decision to abandon or omit any Obstacles can be taken at any time from 2 hours before the advertised time of the first race but only provided the Stewards, Trainers or Jockeys have initiated the relevant procedure for considering concerns about the safety of the course.
9.5 The certificate must be signed by two of the Stewards, or by one Steward and the Clerk of the Course, and without delay despatched to The Racing Calendar Office.
9.6 The Stewards may leave out or alter any Obstacles in the circuit of the course if their retention would necessitate the abandonment of the day's racing or a race, but the original advertised distance of a race must not be decreased.
9.7 If the Stewards

9.7.1 authorise the cancellation of a Parade,
9.7.2 authorise the omission of any Obstacles,
9.7.3 disapply the requirements of Rule 45 in respect of a race, or
9.7.4 vary in any way the programme as originally advertised,

they must without delay report to The Racing Calendar Office their reasons for doing so.