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The Orders and Rules of Racing

PART 1 - THE STEWARDS - (B)1 to (B)18

10. The race

10.1 In exceptional circumstances, the Stewards may give permission for a race to be started in front of the starting post and within such distance of it as the Authority may from time to time direct.
10.2 Permission given under Paragraph 10.1 overrides any contrary provision concerning the distance of the race, whether contained in the conditions of the race or in these Rules.
10.3 The Stewards may determine the result in the event that either the Judge or any substitute authorised under Rule 4.3 is unable to carry out his duties.
10.4 The Stewards may declare a race void in any case when

10.4.1 the start has been affected due to a faulty action of the starting stalls
10.4.2 the Starter has failed to declare a false start under Rule 38; and
10.4.3 the Stewards consider that the faulty action of the starting stalls has materially prejudiced the chances of a sufficient number of the horses running in the race to justify declaring the race void.

10.5 The Stewards may withdraw any horse in a race from starting stalls when

10.5.1 the horse has been prevented from starting due to a faulty action of the starting stalls when the start was effected, or
10.5.2 the horse is riderless at the time the start was effected.