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The Orders and Rules of Racing

PART 1 - THE STEWARDS - (B)1 to (B)18

11. Enquiries

11.1 The Stewards may

11.1.1 determine all questions that arise in reference to racing at a race meeting, except as otherwise provided in these Rules and subject to any appeal made to the Authority under Part (A)7,
11.1.2 report to the Authority on the conduct of any Person or any other matter relating to racing, regardless of whether there is or may be a contravention of these Rules,
11.1.3 enquire into, regulate, control, take account of, and adjudicate on, the conduct of all officials, all Persons bound by these Rules, and all Persons frequenting Racecourse Property for the purpose of the meeting.

11.2 For the purposes of Paragraph 11.1.1, it is irrelevant whether a question arises during the course of or subsequent to the meeting.
11.3 The Stewards will not entertain any disputes relating to bets.
11.4 By notices exhibited on the number board or elsewhere and by any form of public address system at the racecourse, the Stewards may state and announce

11.4.1 that an objection has been lodged,
11.4.2 its subject and nature,
11.4.3 their decision in respect of it, and
11.4.4 their decision in respect of any other matter coming within their jurisdiction.

11.5 The Stewards may communicate the contents of any such notice, statement or announcement to any of the following who are present at the racecourse

11.5.1 representatives of the media, or
11.5.2 representatives of a subscription service,

for publication or onward transmission by them.

11.6 Where any enquiry on a matter listed in Rule 73.2 is called for by the Stewards before the announcement of Weighed In has been given, this shall have the force and consequences of an objection and these Rules shall have effect as if an objection had been lodged.