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The Orders and Rules of Racing

PART 1 - THE STEWARDS - (B)1 to (B)18

12. Disciplinary action against a person for contravention of these Rules

12.1 The Stewards may take Disciplinary Action against a Person under this Part if the Stewards

12.1.1 consider that the Person is guilty of misconduct, and
12.1.2 are satisfied that it is appropriate in all the circumstances to take action against him.

12.2 A Person is guilty of misconduct if, while he is subject to these Rules

12.2.1 he contravenes a requirement imposed on him by or under these Rules,
12.2.2 any provision of these Rules states that he is taken to have contravened any such requirement, or
12.2.3 any provision of these Rules states that he is liable to Disciplinary Action.

12.3 If the Stewards are entitled to take Disciplinary Action against a Person under Paragraph 12.1

12.3.1 they may impose on him any of the disciplinary penalties specified in Paragraph 12.4, and
12.3.2 more than one penalty may be imposed in respect of each contravention of a Rule.

12.4 The disciplinary penalties are

12.4.1 to impose a financial penalty not exceeding £15,000;
12.4.2 in the case of a Rider to suspend him from riding at the racecourse where a contravention has been committed for any period up to 42 days; to suspend him from riding for the day; to caution him as to his future conduct in races.

12.5 Any suspension of a Rider under Paragraph 12.4.2 shall commence in accordance with the criteria specified in Schedule 1.
12.6 The Stewards may provide for any part of a period of suspension or part of a fine imposed by them to take effect or be payable as the case may be only if a referral results in a breach of the same or any Rule, or a pending appeal of a previous offence is unsuccessful.
12.7 For the purpose of Paragraph 12.6, an appeal will be considered unsuccessful if at its conclusion the person appealing is found in breach of the same or any Rule. In such a case deferred fines will be payable immediately on conclusion of the appeal and deferred periods of suspension shall be added to any period of suspension for the earlier offence and served as if it had been imposed at the same time.