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The Orders and Rules of Racing

PART 1 - THE STEWARDS - (B)1 to (B)18

13. Disciplinary action: supplementary

13.1 Where a Rule requires a particular penalty, order or sanction, the Stewards must comply with the requirement.
13.2 The Stewards powers to take Disciplinary Action may be used only in relation to matters that arise in the course of, or concerning, the meeting for which the Stewards are appointed to act but this shall not prevent

13.2.1 any matter from being referred to the Authority under Rule 16, or
13.2.2 the Stewards from taking Disciplinary Action in any of the circumstances specified in Paragraph 13.3.

13.3 The circumstances are

13.3.1 that a matter has been adjourned from a previous meeting at the racecourse;
13.3.2 that a matter has been adjourned from a previous day of the same meeting;
13.3.3 that all Persons who may be liable to Disciplinary Action consent to the matter being dealt with by the Stewards;
13.3.4 that, after an enquiry into the running of a horse at the meeting, the Stewards consider that, in respect of an earlier running of the same horse at any racecourse in Great Britain, the Rider or Trainer failed to comply with any requirement, imposed on him by the Rider Manual (D) or Trainer Manual (C), to make an after-race report concerning the same horse's performance.

13.4 For the purposes of Paragraphs 13.3.1 and 13.3.2 it is irrelevant whether the same individuals were serving as Stewards at the previous meeting or on the previous day.
13.5 In determining what (if any) Disciplinary Action to take in respect of the contravention of a Rule, the Stewards may take account of any financial penalty that has already been imposed on a Person under Rule (F)96.