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The Orders and Rules of Racing

PART 1 - THE STEWARDS - (B)1 to (B)18

14. Races already run: disqualifying a horse and changing the placings

14.1 The powers conferred by Paragraphs 14.2 and 14.3 are exercisable by the Stewards on an objection made to them under Rule 73.2.
14.2 The Stewards may disqualify a horse in relation to a race that has already been run

14.2.1 in any of the circumstances described in Part 4, or
14.2.2 in any circumstances described in Rule 73.2.

14.3 In the circumstances described in Rules 53, 54 or 55, the Stewards may make such changes to the placings of a horse in the race as the Stewards consider appropriate.
14.4 Paragraph 14.2.2 does not apply if the Rider satisfies the Stewards that

14.4.1 his failure to present himself was justified by reason of illness, accident or other extraordinary circumstances,
14.4.2 he weighed out at not less than his correct weight, and
14.4.3 the proper weight was carried throughout the race.

14.5 Where

14.5.1 a Person makes an error, or contravenes a Rule, in entering a horse for a race, and
14.5.2 the appropriate steps specified in Rule (F)78 (steps for correcting certain errors) for correcting the error or contravention have been taken,

the horse shall not be liable to disqualification on account of the error or contravention.