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The Orders and Rules of Racing

PART 1 - THE STEWARDS - (B)1 to (B)18

17. Power of Authority to correct decisions of Stewards

17.1 The Authority may correct a decision of the Stewards where the Stewards have failed accurately to apply any mandatory provision in these Rules.
17.2 Where a correction is made under Paragraph 17.1

17.2.1 any Person concerned will be informed in writing of the corrected decision, and
17.2.2 if he objects, he may apply for the matter to be referred to a disciplinary panel under Part (A)5.

17.3 An application under Paragraph 17.2.2 must be made in writing to the Authority's Office before the end of the period of 48 hours starting with the day after that on which he is given notice of the corrected decision.
17.4 When that period ends on a day on which the office is closed, the application will be made in time if done by 5.00pm on the next day on which the Authority's Office is open.
17.5 The decision of the Authority shall stand unless (and until) a disciplinary panel decides otherwise.