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The Orders and Rules of Racing


28. The Parade Ring

28.1 Riders must proceed to the Parade Ring when so instructed by the Clerk of the Course or his representative.
28.2 No horse may be admitted to the Parade Ring unless

28.2.1 it has been declared to run under Rule (F)89,
28.2.2 it is advertised on the racecard as being for sale, or
28.2.3 the Authority or the Stewards have given prior permission.

28.3 A Person may enter the Parade Ring if he is

28.3.1 an official of the meeting,
28.3.2 an owner, Trainer, horse attendant or Rider of a horse which is to run in the next race, or
28.3.3 a Person who has special leave from the Stewards or the Racecourse Managing Executive,

and any Person refusing to leave shall be reported to the Stewards.

28.4 No horse is allowed to leave the Parade Ring to proceed early to the start before the signal to mount is given unless the owner or Trainer first obtains the permission of the Stewards.
28.5 When the signal to mount is given, each horse must continue to proceed around the Parade Ring and be mounted at the walk or a horse may instead be made to stand still, with its heads towards the centre of the Parade Ring, for the Rider to walk immediately to where his horse is standing and mount there.
28.6 When the Rider has mounted, he may walk his horse round the Parade Ring in front of those horses which are still standing and must continue to do this, in the same direction as the horses were walking before they were mounted, until the moment arrives to go down to the start.
28.7 Horses are not allowed to cross the middle of the Parade Ring unless directed to do so by an official or any representative of the Racecourse Managing Executive.