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The Orders and Rules of Racing

Race Manual (B)


29. After the horse is mounted

29.1 Horses must be ridden in front of the stand before proceeding to the start in any case where

29.1.1 a Parade has been advertised for the race in accordance with Rule (F)22 (publication of race programme), or
29.1.2 the Racecourse Managing Executive so requires under Paragraph 29.3.

29.2 As regards Parades, Rule 30 applies to determine when parades are to be held and imposes certain requirements in respect of the conduct of parades and, if a race is to have a Parade

29.2.1 this must be clearly identified on the Timetable Plan for Start Times which must be displayed on the Weighing Room notice board, and
29.2.2 in respect of any Parade in which the runners are led in front of the Stand, a plan showing the Parade requirements must be displayed in the Weighing Room.

29.3 As regards Paragraph 29.1.2, where a Racecourse Managing Executive decides to require the horses in any race to be ridden in front of the stand

29.3.1 a notice of the requirement must be displayed in the Rider's Changing Rooms and on the Weighing Room notice board,
29.3.2 the notice must indicate the route to be taken to the start, and
29.3.3 Trainers, Riders and horse attendants must obey the instructions of any racecourse officials who are organising this requirement.