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The Orders and Rules of Racing

Race Manual (B)


30. Requirements applying to parades

30.1 A Parade is mandatory in

30.1.1 each Group 1 flat race (but this is subject to Paragraph 30.2), and
30.1.2 each Grade 1 jump race which is not a Grade 1 novice or Juvenile jump race,

but, where there are two or more such races on a racecard, a Parade is mandatory in the principal race only.

30.2 There shall be no Parades in races confined to two years old or any flat race less than seven furlongs.
30.3 A Parade is optional in all other races but, where a Racecourse Managing Executive wishes to exercise the option of having a Parade, permission must be sought from the Authority's Jump Racing or Flat Racing Committee respectively.
30.4 Any Parade must take place in the order requested by the racecourse managing executive.
30.5 Trainers, Riders and horse attendants must

30.5.1 obey the instructions of racecourse officials who are organising a Parade,
30.5.2 make every effort to assist racecourse officials in maintaining the Parade order requested by the racecourse managing executive in the pre-Parade Ring, Parade Ring and during the Parade itself and, where possible, horses should be mounted on the move to assist in this respect.

30.6 Once the Parade has started no Rider may dismount or leave the Parade early except in an emergency.
30.7 A Parade may be assisted by one or more outriders at the front or rear.