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The Orders and Rules of Racing

PART 3 - THE START - (B)31 to (B)44

35. Power of Starter to withdraw horses

35.1 It is the responsibility of the Starter to take a final decision as to whether or not any horse should run.
35.2 The Starter must immediately notify the Clerk of the Scales that a horse is withdrawn if he considers that, for any reason, the horse is or will be unable to start at the appointed time or when the Starter is ready to start the race.
35.3 In making a decision on withdrawal, the Starter must have regard to any preference which, in accordance with Rules (C)36.2 and (C)36.3 (other requirements affecting equine welfare), the Trainer of the horse has indicated on the list of declared runners given to the Starter.
35.4 Where

35.4.1 one of the plates is removed from a horse at the start or is shed on the way to, or at, the start, and
35.4.2 a farrier is present at the start and replating is possible,

the Starter may approve replating if he considers that there is sufficient time for replating to take place or that the race can be delayed while the horse is replated, but if loading into the stalls has commenced for a flat race, approval will be given only in exceptional circumstances.