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The Orders and Rules of Racing

PART 3 - THE START - (B)31 to (B)44

36. The start

36.1 Every horse in a race must be at the starting post ready to start at the appointed time.
36.2 The horses may only be started by the official Starter or his authorised substitute.
36.3 Every flat racecourse will be classified in Schedule 7 as a left handed course or a right handed course.

36.4 For any flat race, except those programmed to be started from a starting gate

36.4.1 the horses must take their place at the start in the order drawn for them,
36.4.2 the Rider who has drawn No 1 must always, when looking at the starting stalls from the rear, be placed in the first stall used on the left of the starting stalls on a left handed course, and in the first stall used on the right of the starting stalls on a right handed course.

36.4.3 the other Riders must take their places in consecutive numbers from the Rider drawn No 1.
36.4.4 in the event of a non runner and where time permits, the stalls number for that horse will be removed from the sequence. The remaining runners will be loaded in such a way that no numbered stall is left vacant, with the stalls numbering amended accordingly.

36.5 Each horse shall be considered as having come under Starter's Orders when the Starter has carried out such action as to cause the race to be declared Off in accordance with Rule 37.2.

36.6 Each horse which has come under Starter's Orders shall be considered as having started the race apart from a horse which is for any reason withdrawn by the Starter or the Stewards.