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The Orders and Rules of Racing

PART 3 - THE START - (B)31 to (B)44

39. Effect of Recall Procedures

39.1 A race is void unless at least one Rider returns to the Starter after the Recall Procedures have been initiated.
39.2 Where

39.2.1 only one Rider returns, and
39.2.2 he can satisfy the Starter that he obeyed the Recall Procedures,

his horse shall be regarded as having walked over for the race.

39.3 Where more than one Rider returns, the race must be started again as soon as the course is clear.
39.4 The Starter's decision on all matters covered by Paragraphs 39.1 to 39.3 is final.
39.5 Any horse which, following the initiation of the Recall Procedures

39.5.1 in a flat race, completes the course, or
39.5.2 in a steeple chase, hurdle race or National Hunt Flat Race, either completes a circuit of the course, unseats its rider other than at the start, or falls,

shall be regarded as not having obeyed the Recall Procedures and shall be withdrawn by the Starter.

39.6 The Rider of any horse to which Paragraph 39.5 applies shall be taken to have contravened a requirement imposed on him by this Rule.