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The Orders and Rules of Racing

PART 3 - THE START - (B)31 to (B)44

41. Requirement to make reports to Stewards

41.1 The Starter must report to the Stewards on each occasion when the Starter

41.1.1 dispensed with the starting stalls or starting gate, or
41.1.2 withdrew a horse in exercise of his powers under Rule 35.2,

specifying the Starter's reasons, the time the race was started and the cause of, and any Person responsible for, causing any delay.
41.2 Where the race is started from starting stalls, the Starter must report to the Stewards any horse which

41.2.1 failed to enter the stalls,
41.2.2 unnecessarily delayed a start,
41.2.3 behaved in an unruly manner unacceptable to the Starter, or
41.2.4 behaved in a manner which resulted in three Criteria Failures being issued under Rule 43.

41.3 Any report made by the Starter under this Rule will be sent to The Racing Calendar Office.