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The Orders and Rules of Racing

PART 3 - THE START - (B)31 to (B)44

42. Power to report misconduct of rider, trainer or his representative

42.1 The Starter may report to the Stewards any Rider, Trainer or his representative whom the Starter considers is guilty of misconduct at the start.
42.2 Misconduct by the Rider includes, in particular

42.2.1 attempting to line up or taking a position for the start before being instructed to do so by the Starter;
42.2.2 causing or allowing a horse in a race started from a starting gate to be in contact in any way with the starting tape or causing or allowing his head to be on or over the starting tape.

42.3 But no report will be made in respect of conduct falling within Paragraph 42.2.2 where the Starter considers that the circumstances of the conduct were beyond the Rider's control.
42.4 Misconduct by a Trainer or his representative includes, in particular, a failure to comply with the protocol set out in Schedule 5 Part 4 and may result in the Stewards taking Disciplinary Action.