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The Orders and Rules of Racing

PART 4 - THE RACE - (B)45 to (B)59

45. Riding to the draw in a flat race with marker poles

45.1 This Rule applies to any flat race starts at which marker poles have been placed shortly after the start.
45.2 Each Rider

45.2.1 must ride in a straight line from his draw position until reaching the marker poles, and
45.2.2 may only then move to the running rail.

45.3 Paragraph 45.2 does not apply to any horse at the rear of the field which

45.3.1 has dwelt of its own accord, or
45.3.2 has been restrained with a view to covering it up.

45.4 A Rider is liable to Disciplinary Action for any contravention of Paragraph 45.2, even if no interference is caused.
45.5 If interference does take place, a Rider is also liable to Disciplinary Action for any contravention of Rules 53, 54 or 57.
45.6 Any owner or Trainer who gives instructions to a Rider which, if obeyed, may lead to contravention of Paragraph 45.2 shall also be taken to have contravened a requirement imposed on him by this Rule.
45.7 A Rider may apply to the Stipendiary Steward if he considers the condition of the course to be such that the requirements of Paragraph 45.2 should be disapplied by the Stewards.
45.8 After inviting representatives of the Riders to put their case, the Stewards will determine the application and notify the representatives.